Georgia Periam (b.1993) is a fine art conceptual photographer who works and lives in Auckland, New Zealand. Georgia graduated top of her class and was awarded the Wikiriwhi Scholarship. This gave her the opportunity to travel to Penang and attend the Obscura Photography Festival in 2016 where she created and exhibited a body of work. Also Georgia attended a photo book design Master class with Teun Van Der Heijden & Sandra Doelen. 

Artist Statement

Navigating my way through the line of stalker and investigator, fiction and reality, performance and the everyday. My work looks at multidisciplinary sources and the influence this has on the development and identity of the self. Facebook, instagram, snapchat, internet culture, memes and family photos all encroach on the way others perceive us. 

The internet is the perfect entry point into the life of Georgia Periam as multiple people are merged into one, unconsciously creating a combined Georgia Periam. An uneasy feeling and voyeuristic tendencies are present, is it me you are looking at or another person all together, are these images ones I want to be seen or the discarded photos that didn't make it to an online realm. 

























24/11/2016 Graduating Exhibition                                               

Pearce Gallery, Auckland


21/08/16 Group Projection at Obscura Photography Festival 

Hin Bus Depot, George Town, Penang


2016 Future Projections, 

Studio One, Toi Tu, Auckland 


2016 Arts Gala

Waikato Diocesan School for Girls


2016 Boarderline, 

Pearce Gallery, Auckland


2015 Eden Arts Awards

Gus Fisher Gallery, Auckland


2015 Sampler 

Pearce Gallery


Cover Artwork for Whitecliffe Photo Media Prospectus and posters



2016 Workshop Obscura Photography Festival

George Town, Penang with Leonard Pongo


2016 Masterclass at Obscura Photography Festival

George Town, Penang with Teun Van Der Heijden & Sandra Doelen